Best Pull-Up Bars for Home in 2020 For Your Fitness

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March 12, 2020
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Best Pull-Up Bars for Home in 2020 For Your Fitness


Are you looking for the best pull-up bars for a home gym?

If, Yes. Then you are in the right place.


Pull-up exercise is one of the most exceptional bodyweight exercises. It helps to strengthen our upper body and back body muscles. In this article, we shared a list of best 5 pull up bars for home.


Pull up bar is a piece of the necessary equipment to boost your upper body strength and muscles.


Pull-up bars are excellent tools for routine basis exercises – they are simple to use, durable, easy to assemble, and easy to install. You don’t need to take any subscription to start these exercises in your home.


For a better understanding of pull up bars and why you need or how to choose the best pull up bars for home, we also shared a quick learn guide.

Types of pull up bars

Pull bars are essential equipment for home gym and professional gym. Pull bars boost the strength of our upper body. We have a lot of exercises that can be done with the pull bars. The same Pull Up Bars are also of many types.


  1. Door Pull up bars: These bars are the most popular and practical equipment to boost the strength of muscles and body. These bars are mainly two types; one is the telescopic type, and another is hanged on the doorframe. You can pick the best one that makes you comfortable and easy to use. If you haven’t much space in the home, these pull bars are easy to install and remove.


  1. Wall Pull up Bars: Wall pull-up bars are another kind of pull up bars. These bars are mainly attached to the Wall with screws. If you want an excellent and durable home gym to pull up the bar, these might help you. These bars are easy to install and use, but not moveable from one place to other.


  1. Freestanding Pull up bars: These pull up bars are more stable and adjustable then above. Freestanding pull-up bars easily can carry your entire weight.


  1. Parallel Pull up bars: These pull up bars are the two horizontal placed parallel to each other at a specific distance. Professional players don’t prefer these pull up bars.


These are the most popular and preferred to pull up bars for home.

What does your pull up bar need?

Another standard question is what your pull up bar need or must have? Have you decided to go with a pull-up bar right?


But how to choose the best pull-up bar for your home gym. In this section, I will share a few keywords that matter more and a green sign to purchase your pull up bar.


  1. Weight capacity: First of all, know your pull up bar. How much weight it can control and manage before buying read a description of the product and be sure to look at the weight capacity. A 50%more weight capacity to your weight is recommended.


  1. Comfort: To balance your love and continuity towards exercise, you should need a soft and comfortable handle and more grip. Look towards description and check is it need gloves to grip, or you can do with naked palms.


  1. Pocket-Friendly: It is a significant factor when you are designing your home gym. A pocket-friendly and high-quality bar can save your few bucks. Never invest blindly, compare all wishlist products and filter the best one with excellent quality and minimum budget pull up bar.


  1. Length & Diameter: Some exercises need a full grip, and few are close grip. The length of a pull-up bar varies between 24” to 60”. For better results and comfortable grip you should consider bar length over 32”. And the diameter of a pull-up bar varying from ¾ “ to 1 ¼ “. Recommended diameter is one ¼” to 1 ½”.


  1. Removeable: Another factor that matters for those who have less space and uses bars for multipurpose. Check is your removable or not; door pulls up bars are bars in for this situation.


These are the few primary concern while buying a pull-up bar. These are not least but important. A few more like Durability, design, form quality, etc. matter a lot. So before buying an upper-body friend, we must take a short analysis of all green signals.

Best 5 Pull up bars for home

Now you have the necessary awareness of pull bars for home. I hope it was easy for you to understand. Your wait is over now; it is time to lead off the best pull up bars for home. Let’s dive-

#1. Stamina Door Gyms


Stamina Door Gyms


You are tight in budget and have less space, then no need to worry more about it. This Stamina doorway trainer plus is a perfect match for you.


In-home gyms space and budget are primary concerns for any equipment. Stamina door gyms felt your voice and heard from the heart.


Stamina trainer plus have five grip spots that make it a multipurpose bar. You can use this pull up bar on the ground and doorway as well. Also, a non-slippy grip makes it a perfect combo of Comfort.


On the manufactured side, they used Sturdy steel construction with thick padding. It is professional quality and heavy-duty training tool that supports up to 250 pounds.


All the specification of stamina trainer plus are fantastic. In the low budget, this one is the most durable and quality product.


  • It comes with five grip positions.
  • Easy installation and removable.
  • Great product in this budget.
  • Support 250 pounds weight.
  • .
  • It might not fit in your older doorframe.


#2. Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar


Titan body fix


Have a lot of space in the home and a reasonable budget then titan is ready to impress you.


Titan fitness wall mounted pull up bar can be a good pick for your home gym. This one is a wall pull up kind of bar. That’s mean it’s not a frequently removable pull-up bar.


The length of the titan fitness wall mounted is 52”, and the diameter is 1.3”. Also, it supports up to 500lbs of weight horizontally and vertically.


You can adjust the height based on ceiling height or athlete height. You can purchase a standard 1” steel tube and extra L brackets to make multiple people pull up the station.


  • High quality and durable.
  • Extra bar length.
  • Support 500lbs weight.
  • Non-removable.
  • The grip needs improvements.


#3. Ainfox Power Tower


Ainfox Power Tower


After a doorway and a wall-mounted its time to pick power tower to extend the exercise quantity and complexity.


A power tower pull bar is an advanced level of pull bars for homes. You can use it anywhere, in a commercial gym or home gym. Anifox brings this product with awesome quality and stability.


The Anifox power tower supports up to 550lbs weight and Made of an oblate reinforced steel frame, Sturdy construction & step-up design.


Also, To enhance comfort level, anifox added arm cushion and back cushion. The size of the back cushion is 10.2” * 17.9” * 2.0”, and arm cushion size is 11.8” * 4.7” * 2.0”.


  • Remarkable Comfort with back and arm cushion.
  • Heavyweight support(550lbs).
  • Great Durability.
  • It is stability.
  • Adjustable for height.
  • The price is too much.
  • Manufacturing quality needs improvements.


#4. Ultimate Body Press XL

Ultimate body press



Another doorway pull-up bar on our list with advanced features and medium budget range. It is a Premium heavy steel tubing that supports up to 300 pounds weight.


High-density foam grips reduce strain for better workouts. Also, you can quickly switch between floor and doorway exercises.


XL Body press comes with three grip positions that target individual muscle groups across the chest, arms, back, and core.


  • Premium Quality.
  • 3 Grip spots.
  • It supports 300 pounds of weight.
  • Easy to switch between a doorway and floor exercises.
  • High Durability.
  • Manufacturing quality needs a lot of improvement.


#5. Iron Age Doorway Pull Up Bar


Iron Age Bar


A unique formed and composed doorway pull up bar for the home in our list. Iron age pull bar is the next level and high-quality bar of our list.


With a smart hook technology, they created it unique and stable. Also, it is an entirely foldable and easy moveable pull up bar.


The iron age weight limit is around 440lb(200kg). And to fit, the door needs a width of 27.56” – 36.22”.


  • The weight limit is 440lb.
  • High Manufacturing quality.
  • Smart hook technology.
  • Unique design.
  • Hard to install in a door that in the corner side.



Whoa, we did it, guys. This is our straightforward guide for the best five pull-up bars for home.


I explained from basic to advance, types of pull-up bars, how to choose a pull-up bar, and the best five pull-up bars for home. I hope this guide will help you find a better and essential home gym equipment.


Our quick tips: Doorways are the best pull-up bars for a home gym. These are easy to install and removable; you can use it on both floor and doorway exercise. Also, these are the best in the budget as a comparison to others.


Now it is up to you, which one pull up bar you find better for you. It’s time to say goodbye to you, have a good purchase—best of luck.



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