Best 5kg Dumbbells Online (2020) in India with Reviews

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Best 5kg Dumbbells Online (2020) in India with Reviews

5kg dumbbells

Who doesn’t like fitness, attractive Biceps, strong arms, a healthy body, and more?

Healthy and fit human life is more joyful and happy. Health has a direct relation to our happiness. And everybody deserves happiness.

A perfect fitness tool is so hard to find out, like body weights, dumbbells, etc. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you with everything about fitness tools. In this article, we published the top 9 best 5kg dumbbells for you.

A 5kg Dumbbell is very handy for a beginner and professional as well. Dumbbell’s weight can vary according to your choice, but we are considering 5kg in this particular post.

Because it’s perfect for women, teen, adult, and professional as well, read the full article to know everything about dumbbells, purchase guide, type of dumbbell, how to pick best one, and list of best 5kg dumbbells.


Why are Dumbbells essential?

A fundamental question is why we use dumbbells. When we look for ease of use and compatibility, dumbbells are significant parts of fitness tools. They are convenient and easily moveable. We can use anywhere, indoor and outdoor. Let’s talk about its benefits-

  • Dumbbells give more Balance to your workout plan.
  • They help to increase the strength of muscles.
  • Improves core strength
  • Improve Biceps.
  • Burns more calories
  • Keep our body more balanced.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Enhances overall mood
  • And much more.


Types of Dumbbells

In the market, we have different types of dumbbells. Let’s learn about the primary 3 categories of dumbbells. Mainly our focus on best 5kg dumbbells. If you’re knowledgeable/Professional, then you can skip this and go directly on the top 9 best 5kg dumbbells list.

  1. Fixed Dumbbells.
  2. Adjustable Dumbbells.
  3. Studio Dumbbells.

In small weight categories like 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 5kg, we suggest you can prefer fixed dumbbells. For commercial gym and the massive weight, you can check adjustable dumbbells during purchase.


Which dumbbell is best for you?

It’s time to go in-depth on dumbbells science. The most crucial part is which one dumbbell is best for you. It is our quick best 5kg dumbbells buying guide.

Grip: During the selection of the best 5kg dumbbell grip is a vital aspect. A soft and comfortable grip always preferable. A dumbbell we can use without gloves is plus point.

Balance: A well-balanced dumbbell is a right choice. Check Balance during purchase.

Smooth Finish: Make sure the product has a smooth finish.

Material: PVC, Steel, or which material is used in your dumbbells. PVC made dumbbells are more robust and long-lasting. You can purchase accordingly. If steel suits, then it’s also good.

Non-Slippy: A non-slippy dumbbell is our first choice. Non-slippy dumbbells prevent our floor and skin of dumbbells as well. They don’t roll out quickly on the floor.


The Top 9 Best 5 kg Dumbbells

Below is our list of best 5kg dumbbells, check them out. We added all the best dumbbells for you. Let’s read without wasting time.

#1. SportSoul Vinyl Dumbbell (Pair)


SportSoul Vinyl Dumbbell (Pair)


This one is the best dumbbell of our list of best 5kg dumbbells, manufactured by SportSoul. SVD(SportSoul Vinyl Dumbbell) comes with high quality cast iron, topped with a smooth vinyl coating. Vinyl coating provides an anti-slip grip that helps to maintain floor smoothness. This pair of SVD is perfect for beginners and women.

  • Vinyl coated cast iron.
  • Easy to carry and clean.
  • Anti-slip grip.
  • Best for home workouts.
  • The price is a lit bit high.
  • The rubber grip is average. Need more improvements. 

#2. KORE DM-HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells Kits


Best 5kg Dumbbells Online (2020) in India with Reviews 1


Kore DM-HEXA-COMBO is a decent pair of dumbbells and beautiful ridged handles for the excellent grip. A perfect dumbbell for both home workout and gym workout.

Due to Hexa dumbbell, It’s Balance is outstanding and prevent floor scratches as well. If you are starting a gym and exercise, then it can be an excellent addition to your gym tools.

  • Hexa design, Awesome Balance.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Perfect for GYM and Home Workout.
  • Aesthetic look.

  • The grip is not comfortable for bare hands.
  • There is no manufacturer Symbol on Dumbbell.

#3. Cockatoo Unisex Metal Integrated PVC Vinyl Dumbbell


Cockatoo Unisex Metal Integrated PVC Vinyl Dumbbell



Are you looking to spend the right amount on an excellent product? This cockatoo dumbbell can fulfil all major requirements.

It’s come with a hexagonal fixed design, that’s is so popular nowadays. A perfect 5kg dumbbell will have excellent Balance, smooth design, PVC vinyl coating, and more.

Let’s dive in its pros and cons in depth.

  • Fantastic grip and Balance.
  • PVC vinyl Dumbbell.
  • Worth to buy.
  • Filled With Iron Sand.
  • The size is slightly small.

#4. Aurion Chrome Dumbbell with Soft Padded


Aurion TURBO5 Dumbbell


Aurion chrome dumbbell is suitable for all kinds of fitness training, gym workout, and home work out.

This pair of dumbbells is so nicely designed with chrome steel and smooth finishing. Chrome design help to protect the floor and mat.

Also, they added a soft handle with soft cushion grip to fit comfortably in the palm of hands. These dumbbells can use, indoor and outdoor as well.

  • Easy handling.
  • Soft grip.
  • Convenient design.
  • Chrome finish.
  • More slippy on the floor.

#5. RUBX Rubber Coated Professional Exercise Hex Dumbbells


RUBX Rubber Coated Professional Exercise Hex Dumbbells


RUBX dumbbell is well known for its design and Balance. These dumbbells are coated with high-quality rubber.

Well suited and hex shape dumbbells for home and gym workout. Also, perfect for all, a beginner, women, and professional as well.

If you are looking for a high-quality product with the best product composition, then you can add this product to the wishlist.

  • Perfect for professional and beginner as well.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Compatible at home and the gym.
  • Non- Slippery.
  • The price is a little bit high.

#6. Kobo Vinyl Coated Iron Grippy


Kobo Vinyl Coated Iron Grippy


This kobo dumbbell is built to a professional-grade quality and compatible for gyms, clubs, and home use.

We know quality matters a lot in this profession. Sometimes we put dumbbells on the floor and roll, also use for pushups.

This pair of kobo dumbbells are well designed and high performance based dumbbells. I am pretty sure kobo will not disappoint you.

The look is also awe-inspiring; it can give you a feeling of a professional gym tool. You can use it for all kinds of exercises.

  • Vinyl Coated
  • Iron Grippy weight.
  • Best for home and gym.
  • No-slippy.
  • Hex shape is not so perfect.
  • The price is also high.

#7. Aurion TURBO5 Dumbbell Set


Aurion TURBO5 Dumbbell


One more Aurion chrome coated steel dumbbell in our list of best 5kg dumbbell. Aurion trubo5 dumbbell set has a unique design and smooth finish. Also, the handle grip is soft.

And solid metal chrome finish protects our floors and equipment. Aurion dumbbells are easy to carry and clean.

These are compatible to use in different places, like commercial gym, home workout, all indoor and outdoor included.

Chrome metal finish looks very elegant and shiny. Handle grip is looking soft and handy. You can give a chance to this dumbbell to improve your fitness.

  • Chrome finish.
  • Handle grip is soft.
  • 5kg each (5*2=10kg).
  • Unique design.
  • Quickly roll out on the floor.
  • Handle grip can be improved.

#8. Protoner Pair of 5kg Each PVC Dumbbells Set


Protoner Pair of 5kg Each PVC Dumbbells


Protoner is an in budget dumbbell with the killer specifications. The price is low but fully loaded with rich features.

Protoner pair are PVC coated Dumbbells. Also, due to PVC coated and design, these are less slippy and more balanced. They come with a catchy design.

In budget dumbbells, it’s tough to find all advance level features. But Protoner is tried to put all necessary things in a budget product.

Features like PVC coated Balanced, Catchy design, and much more.

  • PVC Coated.
  • Well organized design.
  • Low budget dumbbells.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting,
  • 5kg each(5*2=10kg)
  • They are less slippy but not perfect.
  • Handle grip need improvement.

#9. Kore DM-PVC Combo 16 (1 Kg – 5 Kg) Home Gym Dumbbells and Fitness Kit


Kore DM-PVC Combo 16 Home Gym Dumbbells


Kore DM-PVC Combo 16 is a budget dumbbell, and it’s come with 1-5kg weight categories. It is a home gym focused product.

Kore Built with an ergonomic grip that will fits right in your hands. Also, PVC coated material makes it more stable and long-lasting.

  • PVC Coated Material.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Low budget.
  • Low-Quality Plastic used

Wrapping it Up!

Claps! For the full reading of the list, now it’s time to finish this guide. We shared all the best 5kg dumbbells.

All dumbbells have mentioned necessary features, and almost all are in the budget.

I hope now it’s not difficult for you to choose the best one for you. Just compare all on the basics of your needs and budget.

Best of Luck ❤!

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