5 Best Leather Cricket Balls with Pros and Cons

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5 Best Leather Cricket Balls with Pros and Cons

leather cricket balls

In the game of cricket, the ball is the most crucial factor. No matter how much a qualitative bat, gloves you have, a high-quality ball is needed for cricket.


In this article, we are sharing a list of best leather cricket balls. Also, I will include a mini knowledge bank about crickets balls.


That will help you understand what kind of nuts we use in a particular situation.


“A cricket ball is made with a core of cork, which is layered with tightly wound string, and covered by a leather case with a slightly raised sewn seam. – Wikipedia.”


For a bowler, the high-quality and comfortable ball can help him/her a lot to improve his/her game. We have many kinds of cricket balls which are situation friendly.


The player level doesn’t matter; a proper cricket ball can help everyone. So, don’t estimate our article for professional players only.


We will try to cover all related topics to cricket balls and which one is the best leather cricket ball.


Let’s start,


Type of cricket balls

There is a different kind of cricket balls like a sponge ball, plastic ball, rubber ball, tennis ball, synthetic cricket ball, hockey balls, cork ball, and international cricket balls.


Here we talk about global standard cricket balls. These are the following:


Red Leather Cricket Ball

Red leather cricket balls are popular in test cricket matches. In test matches players wear white clothes so, to increase the visibility rate of the cricket ball, we use these balls in test matches. Now red balls are the following types


  1. Kookaburra leather ball: Kookaburra leather ball is most preferably used in Australia. These are the country where a kookaburra used in test matches in Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Pakistan. The Seam of kookaburra ball is only useful in the first 20-30 overs.


  1. Duke: England manufactures duke ball for test cricket. The Seam of dukes is more effective till 40-50 overs. Also, we can say this is the most bowler-friendly cricket ball.


  1. SG ball: India only uses SG balls. Shining of these balls is long-lasting. And also, it helps the bowler to reverse the ball. This ball is better for spin bowlers that’s is the reason, Indian players are playing better spin than other countries players.


White Leather Cricket Ball

In 1977 World cricket series(first cricket league) introduces colour jersey for players. Now in different colour jerseys, they balanced the ball’s visibility with the white colour.


Also, the white leather ball is used in one day, T-20 and short games. So, in the night games, red balls have low visibility over white, that is another reason we use it.


Pink Leather Cricket Ball

At Adelaide in 2015, in a first day-night cricket match new Zeland and Australia played with a pink ball.


Kookaburra manufactured this ball. Red balls are hard to see in the night sky with floodlights, so they invented a new pink colour ball that is suitable in both day and night conditions.


So these are the most popular international leather cricket balls, that are we using now.


How to choose the best one?

During purchasing a cricket ball, you should have kept in mind a few things like- purpose of a specific shot, or what they are going to be used for- recreational cricket, league matches, or training, etc.


A few things you should consider when buying a leather cricket ball.

  1. Manufacturing quality.
  2. Pitch Conditions.
  3. Your budget.
  4. Players level.
  5. Ball weight.


These are the few necessary things that you should take care of them. A well qualitative and comfortable ball can improve your game level a lot.


Also, make a combo of your budget and ball quality. As a starter, you can prefer a low budget ball compare to overspending a lot of money on highly and professional level ball.

The five best leather cricket balls

It’s time to disclose our best leather cricket balls. We are sharing a few, but the all are the best with high quality, weight, and other parameters.


Have a close look and find your best one, and also don’t go on numbers. We are sharing all the best, so it’s our compulsion to add someone on first and last. So, read till last.


#1. Kookaburra Gold King Red Cricket Ball


Kookaburra Gold King Red Cricket Ball


The Kookaburra gold king is non-machine prepared kookaburra manufactures cricket ball. It is an ideal ball for a professional and beginner as well.


It is a medium budget and good quality ball by kookaburra. Also, The kookaburra gold king cricket ball approved by the international cricket council.


If you regularly play T-20, 30-30, 50-50 games, then you should consider this ball for your future purchase.


When we looked for its description over amazon, we found this ball is suitable for short term games like T20 or up to 40+ overs games. Kookaburra products are well known for their quality and durability.


  • Gold king is a Handstitched cricket ball with a quilted core made up of three layers.
  • Approved by ICC.
  • Suitable for International players and beginners as well.
  • 156 Gms Weight.
  • A few uneven stitches and cracks.


#2. SG Tournament Special cricket ball


SG Tournament Special cricket ball


SG tournament is a superior quality four-piece designed, alum tanned leather cricket ball.


Also, the Board of control for cricket in India has approved this ball. It is a tight and weather-friendly leather cricket ball. You can play with is this ball in moisture as well.


We know Cricket Ball is an essential part of the Cricket Game. A good quality ball required lots of hand skills and excellent quality leather to produce a perfect shape cricket ball.


And this ball is prepared for professional players. The Stitching of the balls makes it highly durable and gives it more swing and bounce. The weight of the SG Tournament is around 150g to 160g.


  • Alum Tanned leather used to build this great ball.
  • Approved by the Board of control for cricket in India.
  • High Durable.
  • The shining part will fade after 50+ years.

#3. Kookaburra Pace Cricket ball


Kookaburra Super Test


Another excellent quality cricket ball for tournament level players. A well designed and high-quality alum tanned Indian leather cricket ball.


Kookaburra pace ball is a waterproof and weather-resistant cricket ball. You can use or play with it in any weather conditions.


The weight of the kookaburra pace is near about 150g. Also, it has a five-layer Quilted centre.


As I told, the kookaburra is famous for its quality and durability; In this pace ball, you will get high-quality leather and durability.


Kookaburra pace mostly comes in two colours – red and white, but usually red attracts most of the players and is more in demand.

  • A High-Quality Alum Tanned leather is used.
  • Waterproof and weather resistant.
  • Five quilted layer centre.
  • Durability is also very high.
  • A few uneven stitches.

#4. Pro Impact Cricket Balls


Pro Impact Cricket Balls


Are you looking for a best-tanned leather cricket ball? If yes, then it might be your perfect buy.


Let me explore this one is in more depth. Pro impact cricket ball has a natural cork centre and best-tanned leather.


Pro impact has a four-piece ball that uses a 5-ply thread for Stitching. And the weight of the ball is around 7.8 ounces.


Also, the natural cork at it is centre offers more strength and durability. Also, English lacquer and wax polishing making its shine are long-lasting.


  • Best Tanned leather.
  • Natural cork at it is a centre.
  • 5-ply original thread for Stitching.
  • Long-lasting shining.
  • Weather compatible.
  • Budget leather cricket ball.
  • It might get soft after a few days.


#5. Kookaburra Super Test


Kookaburra Pace Cricket ball


Kookaburra is now one of the most popular sports accessories brands across the world.


The quality of products and durability in the best prize attracting player rapidly. Kookaburra super test is our final leather cricket ball of over list.


And trust me it’s one of the best cricket balls over the cricket community.


Kookaburra Super test is made by high-quality alum tanned leather. Also, the super test comes with a waterproof feature.


So you can play in raining weather even. Kookaburra Super test has a five-layer Quilted centre. And the weight of the kookaburra super test is around 150g.


  • Super Alum Tanned leather used.
  • Five layers of Quilted centre.
  • Weather compatible.
  • Highly durable.
  • Suitable for the Tournament level players.
  • Fortunately, we didn’t notice any significant issues with the kookaburra super test. It is a perfect ball for all tournament level players.



It is time to conclude it, above I shared all the best leather cricket balls. We are not forcing or saying others are not good.


We found some of the best in quality and popularity. Maybe someone else can suit you, but our motive is straightforward to share this list.


You should explore all the balls and pick one according to your budget and needs.


When it comes to the brand kookaburra, SG, Pro impact, AVN Paxton, Spartan, DSC, etc., are a few major brands. Have proper research and finalize your pick.


Best of luck for your brighter future ❤!



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