10 Best Cricket Bats in India (2020) with Reviews

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March 5, 2020
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10 Best Cricket Bats in India (2020) with Reviews

best cricket bats in india

Do you know? A wrong bat choice can disturb your game performance.

Most of the beginners and even intermediate players are making this mistake, but now its time to stop it.

In this article, we will provide a collection of best cricket bats list.

Everybody knows that Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world.

Now it’s changing at a swift pace. You can’t compromise with any aspects like a cricket bat, helmets, gloves, etc. Also, we know a cricket bat and ball is the deciding factor of this game.

The arrival of T20, IPL, CPL, PPL is making Cricket more exciting.

Cricket game becomes faster, and players are considering a bat choice very weightily.

The best cricket bat according to your age, height, strength can improve your gameplay, performance a lot.

Ready to become Pro?

Just choose the best cricket bat as per your needs.

Type of Cricket bats

We have many kinds of cricket bats, but here we are searching for the best cricket bats.

That’s why I am talking about the most popular types of cricket bats.

Mainly we have two most popular bats categories.

  • English Willow
  • Kashmir Willow

These are the most popular and best type of cricket bats.

Let’s explore them in detail.

English Willow

English willow bats design bats for professional and advance level players.

These bats are softer and stretchy. English bats are white as competitively to Kashmir willow.

These are bats cost is more than others, that’s I am saying this bat is for serious players.

English willow bats have six different categories/grades. In one and A+ class is considered of superior quality.

Also, high grades mean more cost. So, keep mind your budget too.

Kashmir Willow

Kashmir willow bats are more cumbersome and hard than English willow.

These bats are less costly then English willow and best for beginners and medium players.

These bats are brown and made by Kashmiri woods. You can play with the lather and a tennis ball as well.

If you are a starter and have a tight budget, then these kinds of cricket bats are perfect for you.

What to examine when buying a cricket bat ?

Here you can find all the major necessary points that you should consider when you buy a cricket bat.

Quality — Quality of Cricket is the primary concern, that’s we bring to you the best cricket bats.

Always consider a bat from English willow and Kashmir willow. Buy the best one in your budget and needs.

Bat Handle — A short handle bat is always good to go. Most of the famous batsmen prefer short handled bats for more control.

If you’re height more then six feet, then you can consider a long handle bat.

Shape and Size — It’s also an essential factor, always choose a controllable weighted bat.

Lightweight bats are now widespread, English willow is perfect for lightweight bats.

Grains — Grains are vertical lines on your bat. The higher the grain, the higher the bat is considered to be of more top quality.

Generally, 6 to 12 grains bat think to be appropriate.

Pre-prepared Bats — Now companies are providing pre-prepared bats that reduce bat preparation time for the player.

The Top 10 Best cricket bats in 2020

We know every player have different strength and playing styles.

After this list of best cricket bats, you can easily choose the best cricket bats as per your requirements.

#1. SS Ton Reserve Edition


ss ton reserve edition


SS introduces the ruler of our list, SS ton reserve edition. In 2019 Onwards SS renamed it, Ton.

SS ton reserve edition comes with extraordinary 9 to 12 grains. With a natural finish, and a sweet spot at lower mid position.

SS uniquely managed toe to improve balance. SS Ton reserve edition is also famous for its performance.

The weight of this bat is around 1130grams to 1240grams.

  • 11+ Straight Grains
  • Light-weight
  • Highly Concave Edges
  • A grade English willow bat
  • Short Handle
  • The sweet spot is mid to low (Managed with Toe)

#2. MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli


MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli


The world’s most famous Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, have great attraction towards MRF.

MRF genius grand edition is one of the most popular bats all around the world.

Do you like Virat Kohli cover drive? He plays shots with perfect timing and balance.

The Genius Grand edition is also famous for its balance and handles technology.

It has 12 pieces of swark cane and rubber lamination technology.

It helps players to play shots in all directions easily and in more control.

  • It uses the latest technology of f7 massive countered edges
  • Super balance and performance
  • 8 to 10 Grains
  • Excellent sweet spot
  • Flat Toe
  • Best English willow used
  • MRF Grand Edition is only available in the Standard size

#3. SG Sunny Tonny Classic


SC Sunny Tonny Classic


One of the most famous English willow bat among international players.

As well so many domestic players use this bat.

According to SS, this bat has manufactured with the world’s most exceptional and rare willow.

That makes it so powerful and natural. That is the reason we added this bat on our list.

Also, the weight of the bat is 1170 to 1230garms.

  • Rare English willow
  • Lightweight
  • High performance
  • Clear 9 to 11 grains
  • Little mid sweet spot
  • Round Toe shape
  • Price is so high (Suitable for professional players)

#4. Kookaburra Jos Butler Limited Edition


Kookaburra Jos Butler Limited Edition


Kookaburra is the No one cricket bats company in the world.

Also, this is known as the world’s most excellent cricket bats maker company.

They use to ‘A’ grade English willow in Jos Butler Limited edition. Jos Butler edition is one of the most popular bats of the kookaburra company.

The edges of the bat are around 34 to 41mm and weight is 1150 to 1210grams.

  • Grade ‘A’ English willow
  • Moisture removing from clefts
  • A plus power bat surface
  • Less grains (6 to 9)

#5. SF Blade Reserve Edition


SF Blade Reserve Edition


SF Blade Reserve Edition, English Willow Cricket Bat is manufactured using naturally air-dried top quality English willow clefts.

SF Blade Reserve Edition is especially for the intermediate level players.

If you are a  medium or intermediate-level player.

Then it will be best for you. And the weight of this cricket bat is between 1180-1250 grams.

  • Light weight.
  • High performance and control
  • Grade ‘2’ English willow
  • 5 to 8 Grains
  • Not comfortable for professional players

#6. Gray Nicolls Supernova GN1


Gray Nicolls Supernova GN1


Supernova is an upgraded version of Gray Nicolls cricket bats.

This bat is famous for powerful shots.  Also, best for the front foot players.

A fully performance-oriented product of Gray Nicolls.

  • English willow
  • 12 piece cane handle
  • Mid to low blade sweet spot
  • No vertical grains
  • Good for beginners

#7. SG Phoenix Extreme


SG Phoenix Extreme


A very lightweight cricket bat of SG. Phoenix extreme uses an exceptional quality of Kashmir willow.

Its Edge is around 40 mm, and weight is about 1180 to 1230grams.

A great performance-based cricket bat for hard hitters.

  • 4 to 6 Grains
  • Kashmir Willow
  • Lightweight bat with thick edges
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Only for tennis balls
  • Not suitable for intermediate and professionals

#8. New Balance DC 380+ Kashmir — (2019-20 Edition)


New Balance DC 380 + Kashmir


For better balance and performance news balanced used top-level Kashmir willow for DC 380+.

Kashmir willow is well known for its stability and durability.

An intermediate-cum beginner cricket bat with 1200 to 1600garms weight.

It comes with Singapore Cane Handle with Grip to hold the bat securely, without slipping while playing shots.

  • Short Handle (Full Size)
  • Singapore Cane Handle with Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Top-level Kashmir willow
  • Only for teens/adults
  • Not comfortable with lather ball. Still, you want to play, then please play after knocking

#9. Kookaburra Verve Prooigy 60


Kookaburra Verve Prooigy 60


Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat (Medium). Kookaburra Verve Prooigy is a handcrafted cricket bat.

One of the lightest weight cricket bat in this category, almost under 1000garms.

Also, it consists of Big Edges, Octopus Grip, Rounded Face, Power Drive, and Angled Toe and lots more.

  • Very Light Weight cricket bat
  • Pre-prepared technology
  • Angled Toe
  • Kashmir Willow with Pro Shield face
  • Big Sweet Spot
  • Only for beginners
  • Fewer grains

#10. DSC Condor Sizzle


DSC Condor Sizzle


A Delux cricket bat by Delux Sports Company(DSC). Condor Sizzle is a swark cane short handle bat with top-level Kashmir willow.

The weight of the condor sizzle is around 1140 to 1230garms.

  • Lightweight bat.
  • Swark cane short handled bat
  • Compatible with intermediate and advance level players
  • No grains
  • Fewer Sweet spot

I am wrapping it Up!

Balance, Performance, Handle, willow, size are some main factors that make the best cricket bat.

Above we shared Top 10 best cricket bats from all popular bat maker companies.

Now it is up to you which one you pick. Make sure you should choose a good performance-based and in the budget bat as per your level.

Quick Tip: If you’re starter or beginner then start with Kashmir willow.

These bats are best in performance and the budget.

After a lot more play and practice you can upgrade your bat as well.

Stick with the best one and have a good future, Best of luck.

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